Meet "Skip" from the Shed Bar in Newfoundland!

Hi all,

We had some fun last week. I was interviewed by Skip, the fearless leader of the Shed Bar in central NFLD.  

It was an honour, he is a very good interviewer and we ranged through a pile of topics. We talk a lot about the beer and cider industry and new products. It was fun and I am sure it is fun to listen to. So have at it, we pasted it into the newsletter.

Near the end we get into a great discussion on how beer and cider formed civilization;...

Our Bavarian Cider is here! Try out Ship Builders newest cider release.

At Ship Builders, we aim for pure, nothing-but-fruit cider products. Drinks you can be proud to drink knowing there is nothing added to the fruit to make it unhealthy. In fact, we built a whole new approach to making each product good for you. This three year effort to create a new fermentation technology was so much fun. We wanted to capture in our ciders, more of the natural goodness in the apple.

Now we are adding new products based on this natural process and...

Let’s Celebrate the Harvest Season!

Harvest is upon us. We just finished grapes this week, and are already fermenting next year's Ship Builders Cider Moscato -- very happy emojis from the cider maker about this product, normally a very good sign.  What is also great about this time of year is making cider with fresh apples, it can make a difference when working with supple fruit such as muscat grape signs. 

It was a wild growing year, lots of rain to keep the plants happy and the fruit full. Then suddenly too much rain making...

Perry is here and you won’t want to miss it!

Ship Builders Cider is very excited to announce its first pear cider, Sid’s Perry, is now available for purchase on our online store or at the Petite Winery in the South Shore. We deliver to homes & businesses from Liverpool to Enfield, from Kentville to Musquodoboit Harbour.

Perry is the traditional name of a cider made from the fresh juice of pears. It has been made for centuries in southern England, Wales, and Northern France. We source our pears from the...

Sid's Strawberry Rhubarb is your Perfect Summer Sipper!

Sid’s Strawberry-Rhubarb is such a classic and fun product to make. We take 600 pounds of fresh rhubarb from Londonderry, near Great Village and 3500 lbs of strawberries from just down the road at Little Dyke. We ferment them separately and finish them like wine. These very subtle fruits need to be carefully started and left to ferment dry.

We then blend them to a perfect union adding a little apple cider to freshen the experience and smooth out the flavour profile. Like a wine...