Meet "Skip" from the Shed Bar in Newfoundland!

Hi all,

We had some fun last week. I was interviewed by Skip, the fearless leader of the Shed Bar in central NFLD.  

It was an honour, he is a very good interviewer and we ranged through a pile of topics. We talk a lot about the beer and cider industry and new products. It was fun and I am sure it is fun to listen to. So have at it, we pasted it into the newsletter.

Near the end we get into a great discussion on how beer and cider formed civilization; that in fact we stopped being hunters and gatherers to start farming to make better beer and cider. We didn’t discover beer when making bread, we discovered bread while making beer. 

All that was a discussion on UBC’s Proffessor’s Edward Singerland new book called Drunk: How we Sipped, Danced, and Stumbled our Way to Civilization. Isn’t it more likely that drinking has been the universal act of mankind. How we use alcohol to make life better, avoid ackward moments, and have fun.

This fits nicly into our approach to cider, making them delicious, adding no junk, and bringing out the goodness. 

Thanks Skip, Up Your Polyphenol.

- Sean Sears, President

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