Our Bavarian Cider is here! Try out Ship Builders newest cider release.

At Ship Builders, we aim for pure, nothing-but-fruit cider products. Drinks you can be proud to drink knowing there is nothing added to the fruit to make it unhealthy. In fact, we built a whole new approach to making each product good for you. This three year effort to create a new fermentation technology was so much fun. We wanted to capture in our ciders, more of the natural goodness in the apple.

Now we are adding new products based on this natural process and we are pleased to announce the availability of the Bavarian Cider. This delicious product is made of Bavarian beer yeast and is full of unique complex flavours. You just have to try and maybe we have just made your new favourite cider. Wouldn't that be a nice find, in the run up to the Holidays and another winter?

Just in time for Halloween, this cider is sure to put a scare into cider companies still using flavourings, syrups and concentrates. Do you know what’s in your cider?

Have a safe weekend everyone!

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