Perry is here and you won’t want to miss it!

Ship Builders Cider is very excited to announce its first pear cider, Sid’s Perry, is now available for purchase on our online store or at the Petite Winery in the South Shore. We deliver to homes & businesses from Liverpool to Enfield, from Kentville to Musquodoboit Harbour.

Perry is the traditional name of a cider made from the fresh juice of pears. It has been made for centuries in southern England, Wales, and Northern France. We source our pears from the Annapolis Valley and this year our pears are from Andrew Bishop’s farm. 


Our Perry is traditional French in style, medium-dry, and is flush, full flavored, it bursts in your mouth with a fresh forward experience with fresh pear on nose & palate. It has hints of ripe apple, stone fruit & Meyer lemon creating a nice refreshing acidity in the finish. You will love it. It is now my new favorite.

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