Sid's Strawberry Rhubarb is your Perfect Summer Sipper!

Sid’s Strawberry-Rhubarb is such a classic and fun product to make. We take 600 pounds of fresh rhubarb from Londonderry, near Great Village and 3500 lbs of strawberries from just down the road at Little Dyke. We ferment them separately and finish them like wine. These very subtle fruits need to be carefully started and left to ferment dry.

We then blend them to a perfect union adding a little apple cider to freshen the experience and smooth out the flavour profile. Like a wine vintage, the result is a little different each year. Hint - You can always tell a fresh-from-fruit made product by its distinct vintage - if you are drinking the same taste every year, it is likely made from a syrup, or spiked with a flavouring. And don’t buy into the natural flavoring BS, that is just another word for chemistry. Do you want to drink from the chem lab?

What is surprising is how much natural sugar is in rhubarb, you know it is a fruit. The rhubarb ferments to almost the same alcohol level as the strawberry. So, it is always a super fun drink at approx. 8% alcohol. Both contain super healthy polyphenols and our new fermentation method does a great job of packing them for your consumption; a wee boost from your friends at Sid’s Cider.

Enjoy one!

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